Do you want to have a good night sleep every night is essential ? 

     Sleep is a major contributor to give you a healthy mind and extra energy on the next day to work or study. Instead of adding air-conditioner in your bedroom, you can improve the ventilation and airflow in your bed surface effectively using the cooling mattress. Here is the Top Ten Best Cooling Mattress in 2018


Top 10 Best Cooling Mattress 2018

10. Dreamfoam Bedding Arctic Dreams Cooling Mattress

Dreamfoam Bedding Arctic Dreams Cooling Mattress


     Dreamfoam Cooling Mattress is designed to give you the ultimate cooling sensation for your bedtime. The material is comfortable; it is the best experience for you every night to have a very good night sleep. It’s 10 inches thick so it will be the main mattress that provides everything you need.


  • The material is combining several materials including high-quality cooling gel.
  • Other than that, the memory foams provide extreme comfort.
  • It supports your back at the same time and increased air ventilation.


  • This mattress is quite heavy.
  • It is hard for you to clean or dry it once it gets wet but you can roll it easy to carry.
  • You might use a laundry service to wash the mattress thoroughly.

9. Classic Brand Mattress

Classic Brand Mattress



     Classic Brand Mattress is 10.5 inches thick. It comes in all sizes for your bed. The material is ventilated gel memory foam and detailed with beautiful grey and white knit. The sleeping surface is cool, comfortable, soft, and regulates the cool temperature effectively. The price is over USD250 which is affordable and it is available online and delivers to your door.


  • It prevents back pain.
  • The mattress certified hypoallergenic.
  • The material is resistant to allergens, mold, and bacteria.
  • Free shipping and customer service 7 days a week included


  • It might be one of the heaviest mattresses out there
  • It comes in only one type of decoration

8. Lucid Latex Hybrid Mattress

Lucid Latex Hybrid Mattress



     This special Latex Hybrid mattress from Lucid is made from cooling gel memory foam and layered with latex. The cooling mattress is available in 10 and 12 inches thick. This mattress is able to provide you with the cool sleeping environment that you need for a good quality sleep. It regulates the cool temperature and prevents you from sweating at night.


  • This mattress topper is cooling and prevents back pain.
  • It’s antibacterial, breathable, and hypoallergenic.
  • Not too warm or too cold at night.
  • Free shipping available.
  • 10-year warranty available.


  • This mattress is heavy. You need several people to lift it.
  • The price is over USD300.
  • You need special assistance to do the washing.
  • Regular washing is not ideal. You need to wash it on the spot using baking soda if there are any spills or stains.


7. Live And Sleep Resort Sleep Classic Mattress

Live And Sleep Resort Sleep Classic Mattress


     To improve your good night sleep, you can use this special cooling mattress from Live and Sleep Resort Sleep Classic. It is a cooling mattress with memory foam benefit mattress. The cooling mattress is able to follow your body curves to give adequate back support. This is a good quality cooling mattress that provides you with a quality night sleep. It brings the optimum cool feeling on the surface of the mattress. It comes with a soft fabric cover that easy to remove and wash.


  • This gel memory foam mattress topper is created to regulate the cool temperature.
  • Great for the kids and adult because it is so comfortable.
  • The material is great to prevent back pain.
  • Less tossing and ideal for a person who sleeps on the side because the mattress is able to follow your body curve.
  • Online purchase includes with memory foam pillow.
  • Free shipping available.


  • It comes in one colour only.
  • It’s heavy because of the gel and memory foam combination.
  • The price is almost reaching USD300.


6. Olee Sleep Mattress

Olee Sleep Mattress


    Olee Sleep Mattress is one thick mattress topper because it is available in 13 inches thick. The average thickness for a mattress is 10 inches. It is really thick and comfortable to use. The cooling mattress is made from memory foam, gel-infused, and pocket spring to help you get the most comfortable bed ever but at the same time, it is cooling and well-ventilated. Olee Sleep 13 inch Galaxy Hybrid Gel mattress is a great deal.


  • It is a great mattress it is super comfortable.
  • It comes with a washable and durable Polyester Jacquard fabric cover for easy cleaning
  • Good for backbone and prevent back pain.
  • Free shipping is available
  • This mattress is pretty bouncy but not tossing


  • Free shipping only available in the USA
  • Shipping cost to overseas is higher than the mattress cost
  • Extra people needed to lift the mattress because it is thicker and heavier


5. LINENSPA Mattress




     Try this special mattress from LINENSPA. This cooling mattress is available to all sizes of your bed. It comes with 12 inches of thickness. You can sleep cooler using this mattress because the material is breathable and well-ventilated. The mattress is made from 3 types of cooling materials; gel, memory foam, and 8-inch coils. The materials are layered to lock the cool temperature but giving the best support at the same time.


  • This mattress provides enough bounciness and cool bed surface at night.
  • Users wake up without any back pain and it relieves stress.
  • It is cooler because of the ratio of the material used.
  • Free shipping available.
  • The purchase is backed by a 10-year warranty.


  • The price is almost USD300.
  • It’s heavy and not able to roll easily.
  • No fabric cover included.

4. DynastyMattress Cool Breeze Mattress

DynastyMattress Cool Breeze Mattress



     This is a 12-inch gel memory foam mattress. DynastyMattress is a medium firm mattress even it is more than 10-inch. It has 4-layers of different materials to improve your cool sleep at night. The airflow inside the mattress cooling your body temperature and maintain the cool environment for a good quality sleep.


  • It’s thick and yet very comfy.
  • It comes with a lot of freebies such as 2 gel memory foams pillows, washable mattress cover, and 120-day trial.
  • Safe for backbone, prevent back pain and follow your body curves at sleep.
  • Free shipping is available.
  • Price is variable according to the size


  • The shipping is not available in some countries
  • You need to book it early if you want to buy twin or queen size because it’s always in high demand.


3. Tuft & Needle Mattress

Tuft & Needle Mattress



     Tuft & Needle mattress is a combination of latex and memory foam that let you sleep cool and comfortable. The cooling mattress is bouncy, protect your spine, and medium soft. The surface of Tuft & Needle cooling mattress is cool because of the high-quality material from the latex that releases air and regulates the temperature at night.


  • This mattress won’t sink you and make a lot of extra bounce that will disturb sleeping partners.
  • The surface is cool at night without chilling feels.
  • It protects the backbone which is good for adults and overweight users.
  • Hypoallergenic and antibacterial.


  • Before using, allow the memory foam to fully expand after unpacking.
  • You need to allow it fully expand after 72 hours.
  • The price is reaching USD700 according to the mattress size that you choose.


2. Ghostbed Mattress

Ghostbed Mattress



     You will have a very comfortable sleep at night with Ghostbed Mattress. It provides you with a perfect comfort and cool environment each night. Ghostbed Cooling Mattress made from the world’s most advanced adaptive gel memory foam to lock the cooling air inside and on the surface of the mattress. The mattress is comfortable and suitable for all ages.


  • The Ghostbed Mattress is certified hypoallergenic.
  • Beneficial for kids, asthma sufferers, and adults.
  • The high-density mattress protects backbone while sleeping.
  • The mattress comes with a removable cover.
  • The high-quality cooling gel provides coolest and comfiest sleep.
  • Free shipping included.
  • 20 years warranty included!


  • It made from cooling gel and latex so it is super heavy.
  • It is not easy to lift it or to move it.


1. Modeway Aveline Mattress

Modeway Aveline Mattress



     You will love this cooling mattress because it provides the ultimate cooling environment at sleep. Modeway Aveline Mattress made from memory foam and infused with gel for a cool surface and well-ventilated mattress. This cooling mattress is suitable to use during hot or humid weather. It reduces perspiration and body heat at night while you are sleeping.


  • It has 10 years of warranty!
  • The mattress is safe from chemical hazards such as heavy metals, formaldehyde, or TDCPP.
  • The mattress is available in 6, 8, and 10-inch of thickness.
  • It reduces pressure in your body while asleep.
  • It gives support to your spine and avoid back pain.
  • Free shipping available.
  • Price is very affordable.


  • No freebies included.
  • No mattress cover included.


Buyer Guide for Best Cooling Mattress

     Here is what you should consider before you buy a cooling mattress. If your family or friends just introduce you with cooling mattress, you should know it is a supporter thing for a better ventilation and airflow at sleep. Plus, it will make your bedtime healthier and more comfortable.

1. The Best Store

It is important to choose the best mattress store before buying. Just like you want to eat at a hygienic restaurant because you don’t want to get a food poisoning, choosing the best mattress store will prevent you from buying a contaminated mattress or bad quality mattress due to a poor storing.

2. Physical Check

Check the physical condition of the mattress first. If it is bouncy and firm, it’s a new item. But, if the mattress is torn, dirty, smelly, and have visible spots, it is not a good idea to but it. You need to know that the mattress is well-kept by the merchant. It should be clean, sealed, and free from any damages.

3. The Thickness

To make your sleeping experience more delightful and comfy, you can opt for the thicker sleeping mattress. Your goal is to help you avoid back pain, well-ventilated matters, and get a good night sleep. The key for the good thickness is a mattress that light but elastic enough to provide the best support for your back. At the same time, it is cooling for a better sleep.

4. The Age Of Your Mattress

If your current mattress is more than 8 years old, why not to have a new cooling mattress? It is important to change your mattress periodically to avoid the ergonomic problem at sleep. Some cheap mattress with bad quality memory foam only can last for a few years. Change it when you see it worn out and lost bounciness.

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5. The Budget

If you have no budget limit, your choice is endless. But, if you do, you need to go to the right store that has a friendly salesman that will suggest you the best cooling mattress that suits your budget. The different store offers different price on their item so make sure you hunt the mattress at the right place.

     If you feel like you can’t get your quality sleep every night due to hot temperature or insufficient airflow in your bedroom, investing in a high-quality cooling mattress will help you in a long way. Find the best cooling mattress that suits your need today.