You Do Not Need Surgery For This: 5 Ways To Remove The Knuckles And Heal Swollen Joints

Knuckles are formed by deposition of salts in the body. Their formation is contributed by the formation of flu, tonsillitis, gout, bad metabolism, improper diet, rheumatic infections and uncomfortable clothing. Knuckles on your feet are a nightmare: it is very difficult to find appropriate footwear, and they are aesthetically undesirable.

Their surgical operation is only a temporary solution. However, traditional medicine can solve this problem. For the treatment of Knuckles first you need to cleanse your body of salt deposits, using a potion of bay leaf.

The infusion of bay leaf

In the evening, pour 300ml water over 1 tbsp finely powdered bay leaf and cook it for 5 minutes. Then, pour the liquid in a thermos and leave it until the morning. In the morning strain and drink in small sips throughout the day (do not drink it all at once!)

Repeat the process for three whole days, and prepare a fresh drink every night. Repeat this treatment after seven days break.

Do not be surprised if you experience a frequent urge to urinate. This is a sign that the body salt began to dissolve, and mildly irritates bladder. You will feel the results already after ten days, and relief throughout the entire body and joint pain will disappear.

The solution with the bay leaf

This method of treatment is applied for about 2 months, and knuckles on your feet will then completely disappear. Take 5 large bay leaves, chop them and cover with 100 ml of pure alcohol (70%) or brandy. Leave it to stay for a week, and then strain.

The resulting mixture will lubricate knuckles, but before that it is necessary that a proportion of your feet are dipped in warm water (3 liters of water and 1 tablespoon of baking soda). When you dry your feet them, rub the mixture, put on a short cotton socks and lie down.

A solution of iodine and aspirin

A mixture of iodine and aspirin is an excellent remedy for painful knuckles, joints and other growths. Mince 5 aspirins or andols (200 mg) and add 10 ml of the iodine. Shake it while aspirin dissolved in iodine, and become colorless.

Lubricate sore spots (painful joints and other growths) use this solution every night. After that, keep your feet warm during the night. Very soon you will feel the positive effects.

Massage soap

Plain soap relieves pain and inflammation in case of deformed knuckles.

Grate a little soap, apply it to the sore spot and gently massage. Rinse, dry and with iodine draw network across knuckles. Dip the wand in the iodine, and create horizontal and vertical lines at intervals of 1 cm. Skin easier absorbs iodine in this way. Allow the iodine to dry on the skin, and then put on your socks. This treatment lasts for 30 days.

The solution of lemon juice and iodine

Also, you can apply a solution of lemon juice and iodine. It is necessary to mix the lemon juice and iodine in the same percentage and then apply the solution on the knuckles. The solution also helps in case of “heel spur”.

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