With This Tea You Will Quit Smoking Within Just A Few Days! – RECIPE From a Russian doctor

Famous Russian gastroenterologist, Dr. Antonina Shchipina advises patients to smoking cessation using a simple, but very effective tea.

Plantain tea


Dried and then crushed plantain leaves


glass jar


Take 1 pinch of crushed dried leaves of plantain, put in a glass jar and pour a pint of boiling water. Cover the bowl with tea and leave it aside for two hours. You should drink the entire content of the jar throughout the day regardless the drinking intervals and the quantity of cups you consume at once. So be prepared every day and drink this tea, during the period of three months, reveals Dr. Shchipina.

According to her counsel, apart from drinking the tea, whenever you feel the desire to light a cigarette, try chewing fresh leaves instead. She claims that you will soon lose every desire for nicotine. Try it, there’s nothing to lose!

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