When You Look At What Happens, You Will Immediately Do The Same Massage On This Point In The Ear!

We all know that stress can occur for various reasons – from a lot of work, family issues or even not enough time to accomplish things.

One important thing for acupressure is “gates of heaven” or “Shenma point”. This point is located in the center of the upper third of the ear. Practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine advise us to apply pressure on this point, in order to reduce stress and increase energy in the entire body.

This method can be made of:

Do this massage every night before bedtime – using your fingers for massage on this point located in the center of the upper third of the ear.

As you do, you should pay attention to the whole body

Look to the left and breathe deeply while doing massage. When you exhale it feels good.

Only by following this technique you will begin to feel how your body is relaxed and you will feel soothing effect. For a short period of time using this massage, you will completely resolve stress.

Next time when you think you are under stress, try this massage.

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