What Is Kefir? – Find Out 10 Great Reasons Why To Drink Kefir

What is kefir? It is a beverage with sour and sharp taste, specific for it, which reminds of creamy milk. Kefir is a beverage that as much it is light in calories it’s that “heavy” in nutrients because it is actually a fermented drink. It is made by mixing kefir cultures (yeast and lactic acid bacteria), has resemblance with cauliflower, and is usually mixed with cow’s milk or goat’s milk (but of course, it can be mixed with sheep or soya milk without affecting its beneficial bacteria) and contains a large amount of protein, calcium and vitamin D.


There are at least 10 medical reasons for you to drink kefir:



Probiotics are live microorganisms that provide more health benefits when consumed in the right amount, and foremost is the benefit in supporting of the immune system and digestive health.



As mentioned earlier, kefir supports health of the abdomen and abdominal organs, and just in this region are located 70-80% of the cells that make up the immune system.


Healthy weight

Kefir has a high protein content, which presents feeling of full stomach and reduces “attacks” of hunger during the day.


Glowing skin

Kefir contains alpha hydroxy acid (Alpha Hydroxy Acid – AHA), which is a popular ingredient in products for skin care.


Excellent digestion

Live and active probiotic cultures found in kefir enable establishing a balance between beneficial and harmful microflora, therefore kefir contributes to good digestion.



In 250 ml of kefir there are at least 10 grams of natural protein.


No danger of intolerance to lactose

Kefir is a product that due to specific kefir cultures 99% of lactose is fermented and is suitable for people who are lactose intolerant.



Kefir contains tryptophan – an amino acid that is important for raising the level of serotonin in the brain. As we all know, serotonin is known as the hormone of happiness.


Strong bones

One serving of kefir provides our body with at least 30% of daily needs for calcium.


A 175 ml (6 oz) serving of kefir milk contains:

  • Protein:6 grams.
  • Calcium:20% of the RDA.
  • Phosphorus:20% of the RDA.
  • Vitamin B12:14% of the RDA.
  • Riboflavin (B2):19% of the RDA.
  • Magnesium:5% of the RDA.
  • A decent amount of vitamin D.


Kefir is Easy to Make at Home

If you are unsure about the quality of store-bought kefir, then you can easily make it at home yourself. You can buy kefir grains in some health food stores and supermarkets, as well as online.

The process is very simple:

  • Put 1-2 tablespoons of kefir grains into a small jar. The more you use, the faster it will culture.
  • Add around 2 cups of milk, preferably organic or even raw. Milk from grass-fedcows is healthiest. Leave one inch of room at the top of the jar.
  • You can add some full-fat cream if you want the kefir to be thicker.
  • Put the lid on and leave it for 12-36 hours, at room temperature. That’s it.
  • Once it starts to look clumpy, it is ready. Then you gently strain out the liquid, which leaves behind the original kefir grains.
  • Now put the grains in a new jar with some milk, and the process starts all over again.


It’s extremely healthy for the whole digestive tract because it cleanses the intestines, contains loads of vitamins and minerals, it is widely used by patients suffering from AIDS, herpes and cancer. Has calming effect on the nervous system and it’s strongly recommended for patients suffering from depression, chronic fatigue syndrome or sleep disorder. The regular use of kefir can help relieve all intestinal disorders, promote bowel movement, reduce flatulence and create a healthier digestive system. Please remember to share it with your loved ones or with whoever may benefit from this information. Thank you for reading our page.

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