This Is Famous Recipe For Treatment Of Cancer And Obesity By Professor Mersky

Food that treats the entire body! Cleans blood vessels, heals the heart, literally restores immune system, and cleanses the liver, kidneys, the whole system of excretion, and also digestive system from the pathogenic micro flora. Improves brain function and memory, prevents a heart attack, stroke and treats to complete healing of same. Remedy against inflammation of the joints. The best remedy for all types of cancer. It regulates body weight.


15 fresh (with a shiny crust) BIO lemons

12 heads of garlic

1 kg of real honey

400 g germinated wheat

400 g fresh walnut kernel

Preparation sprouted wheat:

400 g of wheat place it in boiled glass jar, and pour water to the top. After 10-12 hours over a clean cloth spill water and rinse the grains. After 24 hours is obtained from wheat germ (the length of 1-2 mm.)

The preparation of medicated feed:

Grind together germinated wheat, nuts and garlic heads. Grind 5 lemons with the rind, and all mix together in enamel pot. Use the remaining lemon juice only, and take care not to interfere with the rest of the mass, until the mixture is homogenous. Add honey and mix more, and pour into jars and after that keep it in the refrigerator. After three days it is completely ready for consumption.


This food was taken 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch, dinner and bedtime. For treatment of cancer – consume every 2 hours! This recipe guarantees health and long life; preserves the freshness of the body, youth and energy, because it contains all the indispensable vitamins, mineral salts, bioactive substances, proteins and vegetable fat.

It improves the work of all internal organs and glands which is a main factor for keeping the entire body healthy.

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