The Best Cure For Your Heart!

Here you can find some tips for treating heart problems! These problems are different and relate to the usual issues such as discomfort, flicker and skipping heart but also much more serious such as a weakened heart muscle, angina, inflammation of the heart muscle and heart valves.

No matter what kind of heart problem is the case, there is a natural remedy that is as effective for strengthening its pumping capacity and the overall rhythm of the heart. It is the extract made from the plant hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna).

Hawthorn is mentioned in historical records of 1305 by a doctor of the French King Henry IV, and over the centuries by the people used it for this purpose and passed their knowledge and experience from generation to generation until today. Although modern medicine is very advanced in the treatment of heart diseases such as age-related weakening of the heart muscle but still, to this day, there I no safer and more preventive cure for the heart. For this and other heart problems, we suggest that probably the best natural remedy is: tincture of hawthorn. As an alternative you can use hawthorn tea.

This tincture is excellent for strengthening the heart muscle. You need to use it  in order to make arteries and the entire circulatory system healthy. It’s great for people who already have problems with pressure, arteriosclerosis, angina pectoris or heart defects and nervous heart. We recommend it to our readers because it is tried out and proven effective therapy when feeling discomfort, palpitations and irregular heartbeat.

This tincture effectively influences in soothing nerves, or in the case of stress, while experiencing bad feelings in the chest and the heart caused by psychological problems. It is great as prevention of those who currently do not have any symptoms but simply care for their health and want to strengthen the heart.

It is best to prepare tincture of hawthorn yourself. For the tincture you need flowers and leaves of hawthorn. When hawthorn blooms in spring – it is the right time to pick it or obtain.

Tincture is best made with 96% medical alcohol or the lack thereof can be used and 70% alcohol. Measure 20 g of flowers and leaves of hawthorn, chop them and drizzle with 1 oz of alcohol. Of course, if you want more tinctures proportionally increase the given quantities (40 g herb to 2 dl of alcohol, etc.).

Seal the ingredients in a glass container and let it stand for 3 weeks at a room temperature. After that strain the obtained tincture and it is immediately ready for use. Take the tincture 3-4 times a day up to 15 drops in a little water before meals on an empty stomach.

The best results of this tincture can be noticed (by yourself and the doctor can also confirm during regular check up) after three months of use. Keep this in mind when creating tinctures so use a measure of at least 3 ounces with 60 grams of the plant in order to have sufficient reserves for a longer period. For preparation of the tincture use hawthorn leaves and fruits which should be crushed in alcohol. The best period for harvesting the fruits is in fall.

Apart from the fact that the tincture helps treating all heart problems, for blood pressure and nervousness use hawthorn tea. Drinking hawthorn tea 2-3 times a day – regularly over a period of few months has positive impact on these problems.

For the tea you can use flowers, leaves and fruits of hawthorn. For one cup of tea take one teaspoon of any part of the plant or combination of hawthorn’s parts. It is necessary to drink 2-3 cups of tea per day gradually in small sips. The tea is used as needed for easy problems, or a longer period of time for more difficult cases.

All heart problems are very successfully treated by hawthorn tea or tincture: Hawthorn strengthens and regulates heartbeat, arrhythmias, damage and weakening of the heart muscle especially in the age of what otherwise conventional medicine does not have a cure, arteriosclerosis, angina pectoris, pseudo engine pectoris, also heart problems caused stress, fluctuations in blood pressure, very high and too low blood pressure and issues related to heart valve as well.

In the old folk medicine tea and tincture of hawthorn are also used as an anti-aging, problems and disturbances in menopause, pneumonia, bronchitis and epilepsy.

We recommend using a tincture or tea from hawthorn in this manner for at least 3 months every day for optimal results especially in elderly people with weak hearts. It is safe to use the tincture and tea after three month period passes as a regular treatment. There are no limits for consumption. Please remember to share this article with your loved ones or whoever may benefit from this information. Thank you for reading our page.

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