She Consumed This Mixture Two Times A Day And Lost Weight Without Exercise!

If you want to lose weight, then you should try this recipe. It is very simple and easy recipe to make, and you do not need many ingredients.

After this mix is made, you can keep it in the fridge. It is best to be made in the morning and consumed every morning before breakfast. You should use natural and high quality honey, and it is very important to choose the right type of cinnamon in order to give you the best results you want.

Recipe for home made drink for weight loss, and burning fat on the belly


-2 Tablespoons cinnamon

-1 Teaspoon honey

-1 Liter of water


Make a mixture of cinnamon, honey and water in a small saucepan. Put the mixture on the fire to boil. Then filter the liquid into a cup and divide it into two parts.

How to use this drink

The best time to consume this mixture is half an hour before breakfast and half an hour before going to bed. If you make too much, you do not need to throw this mix, just keep it for the next day. It must be taken on an empty stomach. This natural beverage cleans your body, but also helps you to lose weight without making any changes in diet.


Keep these tips in mind:

According to some experts, you can add raw honey after water is cooked in order to retain nutrients.

You have to know that you can easily lose 3-5 pounds within a week without changing anything else within your child. The results are different because of cinnamon. There are three types of cinnamon available in stores: Ceylon cinnamon, Indonesian cinnamon, and Cassia cinnamon.

You need to know that, although Cassia is sold as cinnamon, this is not really same spice and can therefore produce different results. Cassia should never be used in high doses for a long period.

Impact on body

A mixture of cinnamon powder and honey prevents accumulation of fat in the body, experts say. Among the antioxidant properties due to phytochemicals, which help to neutralize free radicals.

Cinnamon can affect your blood sugar level and the way it is processed, which gives your body a better chance to digest and that is in such a way does not turn into fat. According to some experts, abdominal mass is sensitive to the effects of cinnamon in relation to the other weight.

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