Say Goodbye To Belly Fat Once And For All: This Recipe From British Homeopaths Circled The Planet

When Peter Carvell on YouTube released a recipe and prepared fantastic drink for weight loss, everyone went crazy for it!

This is a recipe that he got from the famous British homeopaths, and no wonder that it is in a short period of time seen by almost two million people. In fact, even if you are not a fan of vegetables, you should know that the natural juices are a great way to pack your body with nutrients. But, if in addition to this recipe, if you combine it with the right foods, you can get a powerful potion that melts fat from the stomach and cleans your body of toxins. So hurry to purchase the ingredients and prepare this great drink!


1 large beetroot

2-3 fresh carrots

4-5 sticks of celery

1 handful fresh spinach

1 apple

1 fresh cucumber

2 radishes

1 root of fresh ginger (1 cm)

1 lemon


Clean the vegetables and the apple, squeeze them into the juicer and drink the shake! The juice is best consumed in the morning, and from this recipe you can get about 500 ml of juice. Those who have tried this drink say it is so nutritious that can replace multi-vitamin pill, and even breakfast. The results from regular consumption of this drink are truly remarkable regarding reduction of belly fat, not to mention the overall health benefits as a plus.

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