Save Yourself From Lightning Strike: Do This As Soon It Starts To Roar!

Thunder is a very unpleasant phenomenon that can cause great damage, impair health but also lead to multiple deaths with one strike. To avoid all these potentially tragic things from happening, or at least to minimize the chances, it is necessary to follow some specific advices concerning behavior at certain points during a thunderstorm, especially when you find yourself at the opening, indoors and in the car.

Here’s what to do:

If you are indoors:

– Close windows and doors,

– Avoid contact with pipes, radiators and other metal objects which are good conductors,

– Turn off the house and the mobile phone, the computers, the DVD players, etc.

– Avoid washing dishes, showering

If you are outdoors:

– Stay away from tall structures (masts, poles, towers)

– Avoid tall trees, fences, telephone lines and power lines,

– Find shelter in a building or a car, if this is not possible, sit on the ground,

– If you are in the forest, protect yourself under the branches of low trees,

– Avoid the border between woods and open space, it is better to enter the forest,

– Do not cross the water, do not swim,

– Do not keep the umbrella or other conductive metal objects in your hands,

– Do not stand up straight, squat down or even bend over without touching the ground with your hands,

– If you are in a group, keep a distance of five meters between each other.

If you find yourself in the car:

– Park on the side of the road, away from electric lines and trees,

– Stay in the car and turn on the parking lights until after the storm,

– Close the windows and do not touch metal objects.

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