Russian Recipe For Complete Healing Of The Thyroid Gland!

The insufficient creation of thyroid hormone is called hypothyroidism. The most common cause of hypothyroidism is chronic autoimmune thyroiditis (Hashimoto’s thyroiditis).

For the people who suffer from this condition, the Russian folk medicine recommends following simple recipe of only two ingredients, which can be very easily obtained and prepared.


In the spring, pick around 15 young pine cones (size of 3-5 cm). Melt them as much as possible. Pour them with 50 ml of high-quality vodka and homemade brandy and leave it to stay in a covered jar for about ten days. After that, remove the liquid.


Drink five drops three times a day. This amount of the cure should last three weeks.

How pine affects health

We know the healing properties of various herbs, vegetables and fruits, however, evergreen trees have also healing properties. Pine has always been used in folk medicine to treat rheumatism and purifying respiratory, as well as the treatment of cough and lung disease, and hypothyroidism. Additionally, all pharmaceutical companies produce “boron water” that is applied on swellings regardless whether caused by injuries, insect bites or allergies.

Pine is one of the most used up trees on the planet and all parts of the tree have medicinal properties. The good side is that it is usable and everlasting throughout the whole year, but is most effective when its healing elements are collected during the spring.

There are many varieties of this evergreen tree, and from all types the most common in our region are black and white pine. The black pine can be recognized by its dark green needles and conical form of its crown. White pine has silvery color and orange-brown color peel.

Medicinal effect is found in pine needles, young shoots, young cones, resins and bark pine. The needles are used fresh, because their drying loses vitamin C, which has this conifer. Few know about the healing properties of needles that have more than 80 percent, when needles are broken into smaller pieces than the whole needle.

Pine cones are used while they are young, size of 3-5 cm, because their further ripening creates woody shape and they lose all of the healing properties. Young cones contain healing bitter and aromatic substances, rich in vitamin C, contain healing scented resin and a large number of antioxidants and plenty of essential oils. They all have an alkaline effect.

All this makes them a perfect ingredient of the powerful Russian tinctures to improve the conditions related to reduced secretion of the thyroid gland.

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