Russian Doctor Discovered Secret Of Children’s Immunity, “Do Not Give Kids Miracle Drugs, But Give This

Many parents believe that there is a drug that on miraculous way can affect strengthening of immunity in children, however, this is advised by Yevgeny Komarovsky, a reputed physician and author of many books about the care of children.

Yevgeny Komarovsky, PhD, television presenter and author of many books about the care of children, gave an exclusive interview to Sputnik on combating allergies, strengthening the immune system of children. His advices to today’s parents for raising healthy child are very simple.

“People in general, and children in particular, have the ability to adapt to all conditions. Climate change could seriously affect the future of human civilization, but its consequences are significantly overemphasized on changes of health relating to a specific child.

Modern family life today is very different from what used to be common 20 or 30 years ago. Everything is different: from care of children, to home appliances, air-conditioning, food, and time spent on the fresh air, but the quality of the air, sport and recreation in children’s institutions, and in the pre-school and school. A special issue is today’s medical ethics. Commercials on aggressive pharmacologists interpret: there are no absolutely healthy people, but there are only those who are not thoroughly examined. For each, even the smallest problem, the pharmaceutical companies have invented a cure. Another important factor in children development are computers who have a serious effect on modern education and communication of children and parents.

All this is stated in order to draw attention to the fact that parents tend to consider climate factors as justification for their own mistakes and laziness, because the health and immunity of the child are created from his way of life. Mom and dad are the ones who shape the way of life of the child.

When parents can not assess what is good or bad for their child, when they can not organize proper care, or diet, exercise, walking, swimming, pointing out the basic medical help in frequent children’s diseases – all this leads to parents saying “in chorus” who call on bad climate, polluted air, disorganized state, bad doctors, etc…

Another typical misconception is that most adults are convinced that there is a drug that has miraculous way and affect on strengthening of immunity in children. Such drugs does not exist, besides what is on the shelves in many pharmacies, these are all “canard”. By using these preparations is only good excuse for parents that they have done something good for their child. The second objective of selling such drugs is to fill the pockets of manufacturers.

If you want your child to do not suffer, if you want to get it quick and easily adapted to the living conditions and circumstances that are rapidly changing, then read, and become involved. But before all that, do not let child to be dressed too warm, do not overfeed, stimulate daily physical activity and do not keep the child in “sterile” conditions. Allow children to spend more time on the fresh air and do not give children “magic” pills to boost immunity. Above all, children need mum and dad, lots of affection and attention.

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