Revolutionary Invention: No More Standard Tooth Fillings Needed!

We have all had dreadful experiences with tooth fillings falling off or breaking or realizing that we definitely need to go to the dentist and get new one(s). And we all certainly agree – it is not the world’s most interesting experience. However, with the advance inventions and development of science and technology all medicine branches work hard to make people’s lives more stress and illness free. Particularly the doctors and scientists in Japan (we have to admit that they are the most advanced of all) are busy doing their jobs in the most innovative way.


This was the inspiration and ambition of the Japanese scientist Kazue Yamagashi to make one such revolutionary discovery related to tooth fillings. Using his invention – a special kind of toothpaste – he can be quickly and painlessly close the holes and cracks in the teeth , remove tartar, as well as restore tooth enamel without dentist intervention. It sounds pretty unbelievable, I know, but it is 100% real and has already been submitted for world-wide approval!


According to its composition, this paste is similar to tooth enamel, and can be applied directly to the crack in the tooth. The material is obtained as a result of experiments with hydroxyapatite – the main component of teeth.


The substance contained in the toothpaste at first mildly solubilizes the surface of the already cracked enamel. Just for your information, the toothpaste is also an excellent antibacterial agent After 3 minutes, the toothpaste crystallizes and its component materials get firmly embedded in the structure of the natural enamel filling and smoothing the cracks and the holes of the tooth and closing it up as any tooth filling would do, with the difference that you won’t have to go to the dentist to experience the teeth scratching, to feel and hear the drilling sound nor to pay for the expensive dental treatments and procedures.


We have to warn you though that before applying this incredible toothpaste, you need to make sure that the tooth is clean and doesn’t have any inflammatory processes going on that mustn’t be closed under any circumstances.


As we already mentioned, this toothpaste is already produced and put under rigorous tests.  After conducting all tests, Japanese dentists have demonstrated that the tooth treated with this toothpaste is in no way any different from the healthy teeth or the ones which already have standard, commercial tooth fillings. As a matter of fact, the difference is not visible at all, not even under a microscope.


We can hardly wait for this revolutionary product to come to our drug stores to be able to resolve this small and simple dental problem ourselves and in the comfort of our home in less than 5 minutes. We hope this article was interesting and educational. Please remember to share it with your loved ones or with whoever may benefit from this information. Thank you for reading our page.

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