Results Will Astound You: Consume THIS Three Nights In A Row!

Foods that you need are readily available and inexpensive.

To restore your own body is always a challenge and a goal, but do you know how to do it? Here is a prescription for a meal that purifies fecal fat in the intestines and thus reduces the weight and also regulates the acids in the stomach. The main ingredients of this increasingly popular “Vitamin salad” are the ones that enrich the body with vitamins and minerals, fibers and pectin. Foods that you need are readily available and inexpensive.





Lemon juice

Olive oil


Scrub cabbage, beets and carrots in a ratio of 3: 1: 1 to add spices to your liking (parsley, celery, etc.). Mix the vegetables in order to free the juice. Then add a little lemon juice.

Finally, add the olive oil or other vegetable oil of your choice. Do not put salt in the salad. That’s it! Your meal is ready, eat this salad for dinner three days and you will see the first results that will blow your mind!

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