On Tuesday She Had 72 kg, But On Sunday She Was 68 kg! No Doubt It Is The Miracle Plant!

Many of us use parsley as an additive to various dishes. Fresh and aromatic plant, not only enriches the food with excellent taste and aroma, but also further saturates food with vitamins.

Among other things, parsley is a powerful diuretic, relieves us of from swelling, urinary tract infections and other health problems. This recipe for drink for weight loss is very popular in the Balkans, and is based on the ability of the organism to eject excess liquid by eating parsley, without compromising balance of electrolytes in the body.

How to use parsley for weight loss.


This quantity of ingredients is required for one-day use only. Taking into account the stated diuretic effect, we do not recommend you to increase the daily dose. For chronic diseases, and also in pregnancy, a drink made from parsley can be consumed after consultation with your doctor.


– 5 tablespoons of finely powdered leaf parsley

– 1 liter of water


Pour boiling water onto parsley. Cover it, and let it stay for 20 minutes. Strain the water.

Drink beverage throughout the day.

Parsley eliminates toxins from human body, but also speeds up the metabolism. Due to the efficiency of this drink, we do not recommend you to consume it more than five consecutive days in a row. In order to maintain the weight loss process, follow the correct diet.

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