List Of Beverages – Worst Enemies To Losing Weight!

We constantly hear discussions and opinions from food experts about various food products which contribute to weight gain, while as, the beverages we use daily are often left out as a subject of interest. It is a well known fact that we need to intake that much amount of calories that we can spend (burn) throughout the day. However, we are rarely aware of the calories we take with the beverages we consume.


Water is the best beverage crucial for healthy body as well as for losing weight. Sodas, carbonated drinks, flavored water, energy drinks and “healthy shakes” very often contain hidden sugar and lots of calories.

In order to be more efficient in maintaining our desired looks or not to fall into sugar traps while trying hard to stay fit and healthy, we present a list of harmful beverages that need to be avoided:

  1. Juice – There are all kinds of fruit and vegetable juices that can be bought in the supermarkets and most of the people look only for their favorite combination of fruits on the package. We don’t usually look at the back of the pack where we can read many different kinds of preservatives, artificial sweeteners and colors. If you really want to drink healthy fruit or vegetable juice, the best thing to do is buy the groceries at the market and make your own juice at home. If you really insist on buying it at the market, choose the one that says “100% fruit” on the label.
  2. Lemonade – Bought in the supermarket, contains exactly the same negative additives as the juice: preservatives, sweeteners and artificial colors. Squeeze your lemons and oranges at home and drink fresh, healthy lemonade and as a sweetener, use honey.
  3. “Flavored” Water – People who cannot drink plain, tap water have variety of choices of bottled, flavored water. Although this type of water contains vitamins, it still has many artificial sweeteners inside to provide the “best” flavor we enjoy.
  4. Carbonated soft drinks – Fizzy drinks or sodas are directly related to gaining weight and women’s biggest enemy: cellulite. Knowing this, we all choose the diet versions. Diet sodas don’t have calories, but sadly, they don’t have any nutritious value as well. People cause great damage to their health by drinking diet or regular sodas instead of water. According to the American Diabetes Association regular consumption of these drinks can develop Diabetes type 2.
  5. Cocktails – Alcohol contains lot of calories and when it comes to cocktails, we can never know how many. “Pina Colada” can have 700 calories, “Margarita” 800 calories which is eight times more than rum. Instead of drinking cocktails, choose a glass of red wine. It contains only 85 calories and helps weight loss.
  6. Fruit shake – Fruit is of course, very healthy food. Shakes are ideal breakfast or snack. The only reason why not to have shakes multiple times a day is their high calorific value. One shake can have up to 700 calories which is about one portion of pineapple, mango, cup of strawberries and blueberries, all together.
  7. Energy drinks – Energy drinks contain mixture of natural and artificial sweeteners, in other words, different kinds of additives. They have too much caffeine and sugar and briefly increase energy levels.
  8. Hard Liquor – Regular intake of more than two glasses of strong drinks increases the risk of becoming overweight, developing high blood pressure, causes a huge risk of cancer, as well as many other diseases and medical conditions.
  9. Caffeine beverages – Regular black coffee contains very low amount of calories, but types of coffees with crème, foam, caramel, alcohol or chocolate can have from 500 to 800 calories per cup. These drinks contain more sugar than caffeine.
  10. Sweetened tea – Tea contains lot of antioxidants, but sweetening it with sugar (combination of tea and sugar particularly) directly affects elevated blood sugar levels and gaining weight. If you cannot stand the taste of the herbal tea we recommend choosing fruit tea or green tea with mango flavor.

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