Just Turned 152 Years Because He Consumed This Beverage Every Day

If you in the market always bypassed shelves with whey or you are throwing in the trash at home, do not do it anymore because the whey is an ancient remedy that is recommended even by the Hippocrates. It has long been thought that the Norwegians owed their beautiful skin just by consuming this drink. For a long and productive life it is even advised by respected doctor Paavo Ariola. Proof that the whey is miraculous has proven and Old Thomas Parr, modest English farmer who lived 152 years. He was known for being the whey drinker every day.

Composition and healing properties of whey

Consuming this food is suitable from birth to prime of life. Even with the similarity of breast milk can be used as a substitute for milk in the diet of infants.

Whey is the original form of liquids containing less than 1% protein and more than 93% water. Main ingredients of whey are potassium, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, copper, cobalt, manganese, molybdenum, vitamins, enzymes and amino acids.

Only 26 calories contains hundreds of grams of whey, which is suitable for weight loss.

The healthiest drink for liver

Clean liver is key for good health, and whey is a powerful liver cleanser. If you suffer from any liver disease, regularly drink whey. Whey contains beta-lacto globulin, which provides body with amino acid called BCAA, which significantly helps with advanced liver disease.

Alpha-lactalbumin containing whey is rich in essential amino acid tryptophan known for regulating sleep and improve mood. It is rich in immunoglobulin and lissome which strengthen the immune system, which is very useful in chronic hepatitis. At the same time, anti-inflammatory and contains lactoferrin, an ingredient for those people whose liver is susceptible to infections.

Durability and weight loss

In intensive playing sports, if you are trying to lose weight you are under stress or suffering from serious illness, whey should be part of your daily menu. Whey is rich in electrolytes, excellent moisturizes the body, and gives more energy and is much more convenient than harmful energy drinks.

Whey is the main raw material for the production of proteins that are, as we know, an inevitable part of every athlete nutrition and consuming whey allows faster recovery and muscle growth after exercise, reduces appetite and promotes weight loss. It also contributes to cardiovascular health because it reduces blood glucose and blood pressure. The plagues of modern life such as obesity, high blood pressure, fatigue and stress can alleviate regular consumption of whey.

Folk medicine for digestion

Lactic acid which has whey effectively reduces excessive number of fungi and bacteria in the intestines, and its low pH stimulates their work.

It is recommended that regular consumption helps is constipation, bloating, cramping, diverticulitis and chronic inflammation of the intestine.

This old folk remedy can significantly help with:

– Chronic fatigue and stress

– Obesity and overeating

– High pressure

– Low immunity

– Stomach problems

– Liver disease

– Candida

– Cleansing the body of toxins

Preparation and application of whey

The best thing about whey is that you can make it by yourself from raw domestic milk, or is available from local producers. Goat whey is the best, but good is also from cow. From 10 liters of milk on average one kilogram of cheese is gained, and nine liters of whey. Because it has diuretic properties, whey is advised to be consumed moderately, but you can drink it three times a day 1.5 deciliter, and gradually can be increased up to a liter a day.

Whey can be used for external skin care and hair treatment, in preparation of baked goods and smoothies as well as in the diet of farm animals and pets.

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