In 6 Days Completely Clean Your Kidney, Resolve The Stones And Sand With Natural Recipe

Retired ceramist from Belgrade, shared his story in which he explained what is the natural way in just six days to completely remove kidney stone, and the leftovers of the sand, thus he cleared the reins of sediment.

In the following text we will read his story and the recipe:

I have removed my rather large kidney stone in shape slightly larger than a grain of wheat by just following my very simply recipe:

– 100 ml lemon juice

– 100 ml of olive oil from the pharmacy

– 100 ml beer

Pour all ingredients into a bottle and drink it in the morning on empty stomach – about 50 ml.

First shake the bottle before use, and in only six days stone will start moving while the sand will start moving in three to four days!

I have recommended this recipe to many people and they all succeeded and gave me positive feedback so I’m sure it works.

Note: Lemon juice has to be extracted by squeezing a lemon – do not use store bought, bottled.

So, it does not hurt to try, because all the ingredients are natural and have no side effects, but it is our recommendation to pay attention to the size of the stone!

Stone should not exceed 15 mm, because it can do more damage when coming out of the body.

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