Elixir Of Youth That Has More Calcium Than Cow’s Milk And With It Stimulates The Brain

Although dried fruit people rarely remember to consume, there are few who know that dried figs contain more calcium than cow’s milk. A handful of fruits of figs will eliminate bad mood and anxiety, and will save you turning over in bed when you can not fall asleep. Additionally, dried figs will improve your concentration and memory, because it stimulates the cells and stimulates exchange of energy in the brain. It is believed that the fig tree originates from Turkey and Southwest Asia, and is now cultivated in all warmer regions.

As nutritious and medicinal fruit, the fig tree was known even 4000 years ago in Mesopotamia. Further it is spread over Crete to ancient Greece, where it became the basis of the traditional diet. Here fig tree was so respected that a law was brought, that prohibits export of the best quality fruit. In ancient Rome the fig tree is even considered a sacred fruit. As particularly important plant, is mentioned in the Koran (Muslim holy book), and one sura in Kur’nu bears her name. In the earliest period 29 different kinds of figs were known, and today of course, there are many more.

Energy and vitamin composition

Figs are very healthy, but high in calorie fruit. Dry fruit contains 50-70% sugar which is why diabetics should not eat it. In addition, the fig contains important vitamins from group B, vitamin C and beta-carotene. From minerals it contains calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron and copper. The amount of magnesium in dry fruits is three times higher than in fresh. Therefore, the dried figs are important source of minerals which are necessary for muscles, blood vessels and nerve cells.

Healing with figs

The world’s widespread use of figs is preventive and traditional anti-cancer agents. Figs and their milky juice are very antiseptic, have fungicidal and disinfectant action. Dairy fig juice also helps with worms and other intestinal problems, and softens corns and calluses. This fruit is also known as a mild cleanser of the body, thereby not causing cramps and diarrhea.

Figs help to reduce high blood pressure, because they are good sources of potassium, have minerals essential for the control of blood pressure. They can be helpful even in losing weight.

They are a good source of fibers that can help in maintaing a feeling of fullness and provide proper level of energy. So, figs do not produce fat, but they are enough nutritious, so they are a good choice for any diet. Taking care of bones in good condition is another feature of figs, because they are an excellent source of calcium. Besides solving problems with bones and teeth, dried figs are beneficial for nails, hair and skin.

It is real elixir of youth because due to the abundance of antioxidants that has, it can defend the body against free radicals, and slows aging.

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