Eggs, Bananas, Hot Dogs: Diet After Which You Will Be 6 Pounds Lighter

This diet is certainly not the healthiest and most highly recommended, but it is still very effective in the days when you do not have time to apply a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle. Easy and fast to lose these six extra pounds that we always drag around with us. This diet is our short-term but effective temporary suggestion until you have more time on your hands to focus on other, healthier alternative.

Egg diet

The diet is simple and requires minimal food intake, but all three days you need to eat the same food products. You will not starve, which is very important, but be sure to drink lots of water, and some vitamin supplements in order to preserve immunity.

It is not advisable to keep this diet for more than three days or to be repeated more than once a month, because it is still a restrictive regime, although most likely you will not feel hunger whatsoever.

You cannot afford even the sweet “sin” in the form of chocolate or chocolate biscuits.

All three days of breakfast, lunch and dinner are the same, but with diet consists of eating eggs, hot dogs and bananas.

Breakfast includes three eggs, lunch, three hot dogs, and for dinner three bananas.

If you prefer, you can eat throughout the whole day only eggs, another day frankfurters, and the third day only bananas.

After these three days you will be for sure be six pounds lighter and it is important to practice “dietary Monday”, where you consume only lemonade without sugar and plenty of fruit in order not to regain or double the lost weight.

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