Dr. Hulda Clark discovered the real causes of disease and cured over 20,000 people!

American doctor Hulda Regehr Clark in the second part of the last century came to important discoveries, which laid out a new direction in the development of medicine. Dr. Clark (1928th – 2009th) was physiologist, biophysicist, naturopath and author of eight books on alternative medicine, including six on the subject of cancer. She studied at the Canadian University of Saskatchewan, where she graduated from medical school with the highest grades. She continued her studies at McGill University and the University of Minnesota, where she studied biophysics and physiology of cells. In 1979 Dr. Clark began her own research. A few years later she finished her research at the Clayton College of Natural Health, where she was awarded the degree of naturopathy.

In my work I dealt with the most independent investigation of all aspects of human diseases, particularly cancer. This had led to the study of harmful factors for human health: parasites, fungi, bacteria, heavy metals, solvents and radioactivity. She was trying to find a cure in herbs, essential oils, orthomolecular and frequent therapy, and in particular, it is considered most important for dental health. Her access to independent treatments has come to thousands of people around the world who have received the knowledge to help themselves. Official health authorities and pharmaceutical institutions have often attacked her, but it had not prevented them from expanding their knowledge and contributes to the health of mankind.

All diseases come from parasites and pollution of the body

Dr. Clark is really proves in healing powers of the nature and humankind being a part of nature she claims that everyone can heal oneself by exploitation of natures abundant remedies. Pharmaceutical companies do not possess the exclusive right to their usage. We all have access to remedies around us. Always searching for the cause of the disease is the basis of proper symptom classification. She watched several people with the same disease and revealed what they have in common. Thus, revealed that a specific parasite is bonded to every particular disease, which is detected with the help of her own invention – synchrometer, device that detects parasites. The most important of its discovery was the realization that direct electrical activity kills bacteria, viruses and parasites.

Her explanation for achieving good health is simple: remove all obstacles that prevent you to be healthy!

Hulda Clark has committed several crucial steps for recovery:

Kill parasites – current or herbal treatment

Remove toxins from the body

Get rid of gallstones by liver cleansing

Remove the stones by kidney cleansing

Doing so, your immunity will again start operating properly.

Dr. Clark’s inventions

Hulda Clark belonged to Bloomington’s amateur radio club. Because of her passion, in 1988, she came to the most important discoveries – synchrometer. It is a device that allowed quick and correct detection of microorganisms and toxic substances in the body of man and animals. synchrometer works on the principle of matching frequency. All that is in our universe has its own frequency (more accurately, a range of frequencies). Using frequencies she could detect the presence of parasites, viruses and bacteria in the body.

Another significant invention – Zapper – came in 1994. It is a simple device to kill parasites in the human body at a low current – low voltage and strictly specified frequency. Its advantage is killing pathogens and reactivating immunity without adjusting the frequency to any various types of parasites. In addition she also invented dental zappicator that kills bacteria in the mouth.

She has created and pay – zapping – technique of closing that passes through the fat cells and cleans the target organ. “Closing” in no way harms human health, and in Russia is part of conventional medicine.

With these inventions Dr. Clark was able to find and destroy pathogens. Her sincere desire to help people proves the fact that in her books she gave instructions for making Zapper and synchrometer at home.

Three plants against parasites

As a fan of the American and Indian medicine, Dr. Clark often with them sought methods by which she could more effectively treat their ailments. She found three plants that together kill more than a hundred species of parasites – black walnut, wormwood and cloves.

She then created her world-famous anti-parasitic program, in which thousands of people were cured of cancer and other diseases. She also developed a treatment for cleansing the kidneys and liver.

Cleaning the kidney is very important according to Dr. Clark’s opinion. The kidneys are a pair of the most important organs, because many harmful substances pass through them. Dr. Clark made a recipe of seven types of herbs for cleaning the kidneys, which is recommended to conduct twice a year.

In addition to cleaning the kidneys, cleansing the liver is considered important as well, because the vitality of the body depends on it. The benefits of cleansing the liver according to Dr. Clark are low cost, efficient and simple. Another method which is of equal importance was cleaning the intestines, including the program against tapeworm and Ascaris.

Diseases are the consequences of “chain of causes”

Dr. Clark has mentioned in her book that “we mistakenly believe that for each disease there is one cause.” In fact, many diseases are a result of “chain of causes”. During laboratory tests they always seek for only one cause, but the problem is that we are suddenly bombarded with many causes. This is why its protocol uses a number of different treatments at the same time in order to break the chain of causes that create the disease. During the life of Hulda Clark her type of treatment managed to cure of cancer and other serious diseases more than 20,000 patients.

Hulda Clark’ Books

In 1993, Dr. Clark issued her famous book “The cure for all cancers” (“Cure for All Cancers”), in which she explained the connection between cancer and Parasitic Fasciolopsis Buskii.

The parasite was present in each person, suffering from cancer. Conversely, if the parasite has been removed, the cancer would rapidly disappear.

The book explains how to get rid of toxins and how to avoid them in the future, both at home and instructions how to make synchrometer and zapper and how to use them for diagnosis and treatment.

And in our country, many people use the methods of Dr. Clark. We met a lot of people who read her books, have a zapper and synchrometer at home and carry out treatments for cleaning of parasites.

Many thanks to Dr. Clark for saving so many lives.

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