Do You Want Flat Belly? – This Is The Food Not To Eat!

In true honesty, the result of one of the latest scientific researches which proved that there is a direct correlation between flat belly and good health sort of surprised me. I was used to seeing people with “healthy” round bellies who seemed perfectly happy and enjoying food and life.

However, nowadays, more and more people become aware that having flat stomach and thin waist line means staying healthy and beautiful.

Here is a list of products we should avoid that cause bloated stomach or cause fat accumulation in the abdominal region.

  • Carbonated soft drinks

Avoiding soda and all kinds of sparkling drinks will help you lose weight. Another bad effect they cause is bloated stomach – even the “diet” or “sugar free” ones. In case you feel bloated, drink a cup of mint tea – it is good for the stomach.

  • Alcohol

Same as with sweets, alcohol is rich with sugar and high in calories but with very low nutritious value and when you have one glass of the alcohol drink, always follows another (and another) which makes it very hard to control the quantity you drink and even more difficult to stop after the first glass.

When drinking, in just one night we take from couple of hundreds up to a thousand of calories which we wouldn’t do in that time of the day by any other way. And alcohol doesn’t stop “poisoning” you there – it is a common thing to be very hungry after spending a night (evening) drinking, therefore we go to the nearest fast food place and order unhealthy and again, food with too many calories even for an active day, not to mention before going to bed.


  • Refined carbohydrates

Pasta, pastry, cereals, grains and everything that is produced from white flour is full of carbohydrates, is digested fast, increases not only the sugar levels in blood, but also the level of insulin. Insulin triggers the hormone that accrues fats which means the more this hormone is being excreted in your body, the more it will be prone to accumulating fat, i.e. gaining weight. This doesn’t address only to the abdominal area, but all over the body.

It is not recommended to completely avoid eating pasta, cereals, grains, etc. because they have good nutritious value and fibers but maybe we should consider having the “better option”: whole grain cereals and pastries, whole grain wheat or corn bread. Perhaps we should focus more on proteins because when being eaten they cause fullness and never cause bloating.

  • Dairy products

Although dairy products are rich with calcium they should be avoided if you want to have flat stomach. To have bloated belly after consuming dairy products you don’t necessarily need to be sensitive to milk nor to be lactose intolerant. The reason for that kind of “side effect” apart from all other benefits from dairy products is because they contain “casein” – it is a protein very similar to gluten that can cause lots of unpleasant symptoms to surprisingly big number of people.

  • Processed foods

Industrially processed and closed food is full of salt, fats and carbon hydrates and as opposite, very poor in fibers. This substance ratio causes water detainment in the body especially in the abdominal area and it results to feeling bloated.

  • “Heady” Vegetables

Vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and broccoli have substances that can lead to bloated stomach and unfortunately, with regular every day use can really make the belly bigger in a rather short time. Although most of the vegetables in this group are famous of having “negative” calories, help losing weight by “eating” the fat, additionally, it is rich with vitamins and minerals that make a balanced diet, still we need to be careful of the quantity we intake per one meal.

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