Cure Anemia Naturally

-Anemia can be controlled and even completely cured by use of merely natural resources. Best kind of prevention from anemia is eating raw, fresh fruits and vegetables – specially those rich in iron. Since there are lots of people who suffer from anemia, we are happy to pass on some natural remedies that are guaranteed to help you get good blood test results.


-Nettle – rich source of iron

Nettle contains significant amounts of iron as well as vitamin C which makes it ideal remedy in fight against anemia. Nettle tea can help eliminate symptoms like exhaustion, fatigue and bad mood.

-Nettle tea

-2 tea spoons of nettle

-2 dcl water

Pour boiling water onto the nettle leaves and leave it to rest for 5 minutes. Then strain it, wait for it to cool off a little and drink one cup of this tea 3 times a day.

-Nettle juice

Put young nettle’s fruits in juicer (for one cup you will need approximately 4  cups of nettle fruit) and take one table spoon of nettle juice three times a day.

-Nettle juice with citrus fruits

-Pick ten nettle fruits, wash them thoroughly and let them stay in 1/2 liter in cold water throughout the night. After straining you can sweeten the juice with honey and drink the whole quantity during the day.

-Nettle tincture

Put finely chopped nettle leaf in a glass jar (or any suitable glass dish) and cover it with alcohol (vodka, rum, cognac). Close the glass jar and let it rest on warm and dark place for two weeks. Shake the glass jar couple of times once in one or two days. After two week period Strain the contents from the jar and fill small dark glass bottles with the tincture.

Use 15-20 drops of the tincture in 1/2 dcl of water 3 times a day before meal.


-Honey – cure for anemia

-It is highly recommended to use honey in combination with lemon and apple vinegar

– 1 table spoon of honey

– 1 table spoon of lemon juice

– 1 table spoon of watered apple vinegar (1 table spoon of vinegar in 2dcl water)


-Garlic – fighter against anemia 

– Tincture:

– 300g of garlic

– 1 liter alcohol

Clean the garlic, wash it and put it in glass container (e.g. a jar). Cover it with alcohol and leave it to rest for 3 weeks. Strain the contents and fill dark glass bottle with the tincture. Drink 20 drops of the tincture in 1 dcl of milk three times a day.


-Compensate iron with cocoa

-Make sure you buy organic cocoa. Make drinking a cup of hot cocoa your daily ritual.

-Cocoa cream:

– 250g organic cocoa powder

– 250g brown sugar

– 250g honey

– 250g butter

– 2 tea spoons of salt

– 7 table spoons of apple vinegar

Mix the ingredients until they homogenize into a fine, soft cream. Put it in a glass dish and in the fridge. Take one table spoon of the cream a day.


-Walnut – natural cure for anemia

-Walnut tea

Boil 5 fresh walnut leaves in 2.5 dcl of water for about 15 minutes. Strain the leaves and drink one cup of the walnut tea once a day before meal.

-Walnut and honey mix:

– 1/2 kg honey

– 1/2 kg ground walnuts

– One-lemon juice (squeezed)

Homogenize all ingredients and mix them well. Take one table spoon per day.


-Sesame – helps cure anemia

– Pasta from sesame and honey

– 1 tea spoon of sesame seeds

– 1 table spoon of honey

-water to soak the seeds in

Cover the seeds with water and leave them for two hours. Strain and ground them. Add honey and mix until they homogenize. Divide the pasta in two parts – eat one part in the morning and the other in the evening.


Apart from using the suggested natural remedies for anemia, it also very important to have regular and timely meals rich with vitamins and minerals, i.e. fresh salads and fruit (it is very important to consume fruit early in the morning). The most important thing when fighting anemia is to have diverse diet. Avoid eating similar food every day.

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