Color Of The Tongue Reveals Various Health Problems – Cancer, Stroke …

According to appearance of the tongue it is possible to detect serious health problems even when one feels quite well and looks healthy. Stand in front of the mirror and take a minute to look at your tongue.

Color of tongue

Color, texture and moisture of tongue can be crucial in determining the overall health of the organism. If you notice that something has changed in your tongue, do not ignore it. The tongue consists of a group of muscles that allow us to feel the taste of food and drink, to swallow and to talk.

– “Your tongue is rich in blood vessels and thanks to the constant flow of saliva, constantly cleans itself and removes harmful bacteria that occur in the mouth. However, by performing check up of one’s tongue we can detect if there is any current health problem, despite the fact that this person might seem fine and healthy” – explains Laurence Kirk, a proponent of alternative medicine in the United Kingdom.

If your tongue is discolored, swollen, thick, heavy, sick or are on it caused strange spots or clusters – it means that something is wrong in your body. It may be something small like a lack of vitamin, but also it can signal for a more serious health problem that requires medical attention.

Do not ignore these 7 changes to the tongue:

  1. Blackish tongue

Small bumps on the surface of the tongue – papillae – sometimes can cause the tongue to appear black because of clumps of bacteria and fungi. Also, the surface of the tongue color can change because of certain foods, beverages, tobacco … This is due to cysts or poor oral hygiene. This state of tongue is harmless, but unfortunately, ugly to see.

However, some antibiotics and other drugs, as well as mouthwashes may be responsible for the black tongue. It can be also caused by dehydration of the organism or drinking excessive amounts of coffee. Consult your doctor if it lasts for  more than ten days.

  1. Yellow tongue

As with the black tongue, yellow tongue is also the result of accumulated bacteria. In addition, the papillae can ignite if the mouth is too dry, or if the body lacks water, if you breathe through your mouth (rather than through the nose), when the body temperature is elevated, too much smoke passes over the tongue and so on. The solution is meticulous oral hygiene, drinking more water, scraping the tongue.

  1. White surface

The reasons can be numerous and various. It may be dehydration or oral candidacies. This is an infection of the oral mucosa – a fungus of the genus Candida which usually attacks the people of lower immunity. Appearing knows and in patients who drink strong antibiotics.

White tongue can occur with leucoplachia – a condition in which the generation of white spots in the mouth. These are lesions that sometimes can be the start of cancer, experts say.

  1. “Strawberry” tongue

It is the tongue which the taste buds become swollen and appears to have a smooth surface like strawberry seeds. Experts warn if your tongue is light red in color, and in doing so you have a high fever – see a doctor immediately. Tongue may resemble berries for several reasons. One is a lack of vitamin B12 and folic acid.

It can be done and the SARL – streptococci infection in which the body temperature increased and advice without delay to go to the doctor. There is another disease in which tongue resembles a strawberry – Kawasaki disease is more common in children under five. It is a disorder characterized by inflammation of blood vessels throughout the body. And this disease is accompanied by fever but should see a doctor.

  1. Brown patches

If the tongue stains brown or darker colors, be sure to go to the doctor exame because it may be a form of skin cancer – melanoma.

  1. There were lumps or pain

These are the main reasons for the formation of nodules or pain in any part of the tongue:

Diabetes and anemia can cause inflammation of the tongue.

Smoking can irritate the tongue and cause pain.

These are burns from hot food or you are bitten tongue during chewing.

Some women baking in the tongue in postmenopausal women (postmenopausal period).

Stress can cause the formation of ulcers on the tongue.

Oral cancer is more common in smokers and alcoholics – ask your doctor if a bump or pain lasts longer than two weeks.

The cracks or small cuts on the surface of the tongue can cause fungal infections.

  1. Loss of sensation or tingling feeling

The lack of sensation in the tongue most commonly occurs due to damage to the nervous system. It can occur after a procedure at the dentist, but also by a stroke. Then occurs loss of feeling taste or tingling feeling on the tongue, writes “The Earth Child”.

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