BECAUSE Of THIS We Die Of Cancer: Doctors Who Have Found This In The Vaccines Were Found Dead!

It becomes obvious that all holistic doctors who have been killed, through their research, found out that the enzyme protein is intentionally added to the vaccine and in that way it gets effectively in directly distributed to the whole population. This would mean that we are all injected with this enzyme, produced by cancer cells and viruses, in order to result with reduced immunity thus only those individuals (man and women) with the best genes survive!

Nagalase – protein which is obtained from cancer cells, is basically the enzyme that stops the vitamin D from binding with protein in the GC and prevents vitamin D in its action, the fight against cancer. Nagalase enzyme is a protein that has all the cancer cells and viruses (HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, influenza, herpes, Epstein Barr virus, and others). Its role is to block the action of vitamin D, and thus breaks down the immune system.

Prominent researcher of the connection between autism and vaccines (very loud opponent of vaccines) in the middle of this year was found floating dead in a river in North Carolina and his murder was done under suspicious circumstances. He is like many other researchers such as Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, who was also discovered murdered had previously proved that the ‘Nagalase’ unambiguously enters our body during vaccination. Interestingly, this protein is also found in very high concentrations in autistic children.

In the last few months of his life, dr. Bradstreet became interested in ‘Nagalase’ which he describes as an enzyme produced by cancer cells and viruses that destroy the ability in people to fight against cancer. Dr. Bradstreet’s family warned the public that this doctor, who has cured hundreds of children of autism, was killed because he focused on research on vaccines and this protein within the vaccine. However, any evidence of who might be the murderer and his research conclusions have all been covered up.

But putting ‘virus’ of cancer in vaccines is nothing new. Below, listen to the scientist, Dr. Maurice Hilleman, “Merck” Company’s chief vaccine developer who recognized that this was done. What is it about? – It is all about depopulation. Vaccines have to be considered the “bargain basement technology of the 20th century”. The entire population is injected with poison, and only the strongest survive, and those whose organism can win this horrible and murderous fight. Share this information further, because it seems that the doctors are killed for the truth!

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