Basil Helps Fight Cough And Kidney Disease!

Sweet, silky and spicy, basil is the king of herbs. Native to tropical countries, such as India and Iran, for centuries it is used in the fight against large number of health problems.

We bring you ten ways you can take advantage of this wonderful plant.

5 ways to use basil as a remedy

Crush six to seven basil leaves in a mortar and mix it with one teaspoon of honey. One teaspoon of this mixture consume it every morning, before anything else, this will boosts immunity and will reduce hypertension.

Boil a handful of basil leaves in one liter of water. Strain the water and sip it hot, every half hour. Your throat will feel relief and stomach and senses will revive.

Previous tip can be used in another way: if you have a skin inflammation or intolerable itching, in order to feel immediate relief, soak basil in the water and gently “pat” the painful place.

Sweet and wonderful, essential oil of basil helps relieve inflammatory conditions, such as joint pain and heartburn. It is well known that sharpens the mind and strengthens the nervous system.

Apply a drop of essential oil of basil on the nose and temples, and you will quickly relieve stress and tension.

5 ways to use the basil in food

Knead few chopped basil leaves into the mixture for bread.

Add a couple chopped basil leaves in an omelet, pizza or soup – this will dramatically improve the aroma and taste of your food.

Why do not add a few chopped basil leaves in iced tea or a summer cocktail? It is absolutely perfect!

Rocket is very popular, but that does not mean you should neglect basil! You can add it to almost all summer salads (tomato, cucumber, etc.) and salads (salad with chicken, tuna, etc.). Try it, we are confident that you will like it.

Basil, tomato and mozzarella are absolute winners in cooking!

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