Apply This Powder On Your Skin For 10 Minutes. After This Treatment You’ll Never Go For Any Facial At Salon

Today I am going to share one skin lightening herb that is really efficient to get fairer skin complexion and that is liquorice powder likewise called Mulethi.

Liquorice, as a natural component, has a moderate smoothening and brightening action. this is one ingredients that is utilized in lots of facial serum, cleansers offered in market.

To do this treatment you’ll need

Yastimadhu or Mulethi or Liquorice powder- 1tbsp
Cooked oats- 1 tsp (cooked in water if you have oily skin and prepared in milk if you have dry skin).
Your preferred natural toner or increased water- to form a paste (I have actually utilized my Auravedic toner here to include onto the benefits).

Actions to follow:

Prepare the oats in water or milk as mentioned above, and let it cool. Include the liquorice root powder and mix well. Include increased water or any liquid to make a thick paste.

Application procedure:

Wash your confront with warm water and ensure it is clean. Use the pack uniformly and massage into your skin for 5 minutes. Leave it on for another 1520 minutes.

Wash it off with Luke warm water. Rinse last with cold water and moisturise. Utilize this daily or at least thrice a week for 1 month to see the results.

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