6 Japanese Secrets To Longevity and Slim Line

Japanese women are known as women who never gain weight, and their extended livelihood has long been an intriguing topic for most people in the world. The Japanese found that their secret to longevity and healthy slim line hides in their lifestyles.

In addition read what are their habits and principles of a healthy body and healthy mind.


Forget dessert

Japanese at the end of the meal drink green tea, unlike people of many other countries in the world where it is practiced sweetening after lunch. If you still cannot perform without sweet food, choose to eat in the morning hours. By reducing the amount of sweets and cookies, you will reduce the risk of high blood pressure and heart disease.


Do not over eat yourself with food

The Japanese island of Okinawa has the largest number of centenarians who claim their secret to longevity is that you should never feel completely full or over eat during meals. Stop eating before you feel that you are completely satisfied. With this you will maintain slim line and you will be in good health.


Eat large quantities of fish

Japanese sushi is one of the traditional dishes, and this food is an important source of omega 3 fatty acids, which are important for brain function and heart health. Japanese usually eat between 80-100 grams of fish per day. It is thought that this type of diet has big influence on their health and they rarely have problems with cholesterol and heart disease.


Regular walks

What we generally known and Japanese advise us to spend less time in a sitting position, and more in walking. Several studies say that 2 hours of walking a day prolongs life for 7 years.


Do not avoid the “good” bacteria

Innumerably many studies have shown that “good” bacteria strengthen the immune system. Here are the thoughts of probiotics that can be found in the functional yogurts, kefir, sour cabbage etc., i.e. foods or products that are fermented and have accelerated the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria reduce the percentage of harmful micro flora that causes abdominal difficulties, stomach bloating, disturbance in the digestive tract, etc.


Regularly go to medical appointments

Awareness of your own health is very important, and this is confirmed by the wise Japanese people. According to them, prevention is very important, therefore, at least once a year visit a doctor for a complete medical examination. Please remember to share it with your loved ones or with whoever may benefit from this information. Thank you for reading our page.

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